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Learn how radon enters your home

A healthy home. Our radon mitigation systems can be custom designed to help significantly reduce dangerous levels of radon in the home.

Haly Radon is the Main Line’s locally owned and operated radon mitigation company, we specialize in identifying and controlling dangerous levels of the cancer-causing radon gas from entering the home.

Why Test For Radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that can’t be detected by the human senses. With prolonged exposure to the radon gas, results can lead to serious health risks to all the inhabitants of the building. If you haven’t tested for it, there is no way of knowing whether or not it exists in highly carcinogenic levels within your home.

Factors That Lead To a Radon Problem:

  • The potency of the radon source
  • Radon's ease of entrance
  • The building's ventilation rate

We make sure that your home environment is a safe and healthy building for your entire family by conducting a thorough radon testing in your home. With our Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM) test complete, we can then determine if your home needs any further action or not based on the active radon levels.

If an unsafe level of radon is detected in your home, our radon abatement specialists can install a customized radon mitigation system that can significantly reduce your home's radon levels – keeping you and your loved one’s safe.

Radon Facts

  • Radon is an odorless gas produced by uranium decay in rocks and soil
  • Found in every state
  • Homes with crawl spaces a high risk for radon issues.
  • As cancer-causing as tobacco smoke & asbestos, causing 15,400-21,800 deaths yearly
  • Radon level at which a mitigation system is needed: 4 pCi/L
  • Low-level radon exposure over time is more harmful than short periods of high-level exposure
  • Radon concentrations are up to ten times higher during the winter

We Provide Certified Radon Inspections and Install Radon Mitigation Systems in Pennsylvania

Today, it's easier than ever to accurately test your home for radon exposure. Haly Radon can perform a professional building inspection and conduct a radon test in your home quickly and effectively. Haly Radon can perform and complete a home inspection and conduct a radon test in as little as two days.

How Our Mitigation Systems Work

Make sure you understand the risks of high radon levels in your home. Contact us online today.

Keep Your Family Safe With Our Radon Abatement and Remediation Services.

If you’ve never checked your home for radon, it’s time to take action. At Haly Radon, we design and install custom radon mitigation systems to effectively reduce the cancer causing radon gas from infiltrating the home.

Contact us today to schedule a Free Estimate, our trained radon mitigation specialists are standing by to help get your home back to a healthier and safe living environment. We provide our professional radon services to residents all throughout our Chester County and parts of Delaware County and Montgomery County service area, including: Malvern, West Chester, Phoenixville, Kennett Square, Exton, Pottstown, Oxford, West Grove and cities nearby.

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